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The Dash Camera System for Fleet Monitoring & Tracking

Fleet Monitoring

idrive provides professional video event recorders and services for fleet monitoring and GPS tracking. Our vehicle camera systems monitor and track fleet vehicles in real-time with Video Telematics and real-time Video Monitoring. Logistics, shipping, motorcoach, transportation, and fleet companies benefit from idrive’s automated fleet camera systems.

Fleet monitoring with GPS tracking and video recording

idrive Camera Systems

Fleet vehicle & driver safety

Fleet Safety

90.3% of crashes involve human error (FMCSA). Use video monitoring to train drivers & reduce risky driving by > 50%.

Vehicle camera systems save companies money

Save Money

idrive saves clients as much as 20% on fuel consumption with Fleet telematics and reduced idle times.

Reduce fraud with fleet video security systems

Eliminate Fraud

Fraud accounts for 5-10 percent of claims costs. Vehicle video security is an effective deterrent to crime & scammers.

X-Series Dash Camera

Video Event Recorder

The X-Series dual-video dash camera and video event recorder captures both the driver and road, giving fleet managers the ability to train drivers based on real events. All of your fleet vehicles can be monitored remotely from a computer or mobile device. State of the art fleet management software allows the camera to record and log events based on speed, accidents, and GPS locations.

  • Real-Time Video Monitoring
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Speed Logging
  • Video Telematics
idrive X-Series - Best dash camera & camera system for fleet monitoring & tracking
DVR fleet camera system for monitoring motorcoach and intermodal fleet vehicles

D-Series Mobile DVR

Large Vehicle Video Monitoring

Record up to 8 cameras onto a mobile DVR. This fleet video security system is perfect for motorcoaches, intermodal, trains, public transport and large vehicles.


Fleet Monitoring

Too busy to watch videos? With idrive’s vehicle fleet managment service technicians monitor each event video and identify unsafe driving. Helping fleet companies correct bad driving habits before they become a problem. We flag important Fleet vehicle videos and create reports to help companies manage their fleet vehicles and drivers.

idrive Monitoring

Real-Time Video Telematics

Live Video & GPS Monitoring

Monitor your fleet in REAL-TIME. Live GPS tracking can tell you where each fleet vehicle is at any time and real-time video telematics lets you stream video remotely.

Video Telematics

Fleet Camera Systems

We offer competitive pricing and many of our clients see a return on their investment within 3 to 6 months after installing idrive fleet camera systems.

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