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Driver Identification with Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition for the X-Series Advanced Dual-Camera System Based on Artificial Intelligence The use of external input devices to register who is driving a vehicle has been rendered obsolete by Idrive’s newest innovation - Facial Recognition. SANTA BARBARA, California - May 14, 2018 Idrive, Inc [...]

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Idrive Accident Prediction

Idrive’s Accident Prediction hits 93.2% Increases lead in Data Based Artificial Intelligence Products and Services for Fleet Vehicles Modern approaches of Deep Learning are changing the way data scientists are processing information from sensors. In the automotive industry, sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes are vital [...]

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Idrive Expands Global Center

Idrive Global Center with Artificial Intelligence Popular Fleet Management software for transportation fleets just got a lot smarter SANTA BARBARA, California - May 03, 2018 Idrive, Inc - A global leader in Intelligent Camera Systems and Computer Vision for the transportation industry just released Global Center [...]

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idrive 2018 Fleet Trade Show Schedule

idrive Fleet Trade Shows 2018 In 2018 idrive is focusing on getting company fleets equipped with the latest idrive technology. The technology industry is always changing and that is no different in the transportation industry which depends highly on new tech. These trade show expos help exhibitors show off new transportation technology. Visit [...]

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Buckle Up to Live – Increase your Odds of Staying Alive with idrive

This graph show the percentage of traffic fatalities and deaths and the types of vehicles they relate to: Large Trucks/buses, Small Trucks, Motorcycles, Passengers, Pedestrians and Bicycles. Buckle Up to Live - Seat Belt Safety Over 10,000 people who died in roadway accidents were not wearing their seat belt. That is [...]

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Intermodal Fleet Monitoring

Intermodal Fleet Monitoring Cargo containers and intermodal transportation are the backbone of goods and services that are distributed, sold and bought throughout the world. With the staggering amount of goods being moved everyday companies are overworked and speed is a requirement. Making safety and oversight even more important. In [...]

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Dash Camera Benefits for Fleets and Companies

Dash Camera Benefits for Fleet Vehicles and Companies The National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB says that semi-trucks and other fleet vehicles should have fleet video monitoring systems installed. This allows companies to protect against fraud and improve driver accident rates and skill level. Dash camera benefits can save companies [...]

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