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Mobile DVR monitoring and fleet security - D8

D8 Mobile DVR Monitoring

Multi Camera Vehicle Security System

Record up to 8 High Definition video channels on your fleet vehicle with the D8 Mobile DVR monitoring system. It is rugged, reliable and secure for extreme conditions.

Like a black box recorder this video security system comes with a Solid State Drive and is housed in a security enclosure. Records up to 1000 hours of fleet and passenger videos.

D-Series Features


Some of our Fleets have cut their insurance costs in half. The D-Series mobile DVR allows fleet managers to monitor many aspects of their fleet and gives drivers the ability to see multiple camera angles around large vehicles. Resulting in less on the job injuries and accidents. Many insurance companies see the benefit and are offering insurance discounts to idrive customers.

Having video security systems installed in your fleet provides added security and can reduce crime and fraud.

Industries Using idrive

Mobile DVRs are perfect for monitoring large vehicles that need continuous video surveillance. Equip your fleet with up to eight HD cameras. Give drivers line of sight all around vehicles to check for sideswipes, reversing obstacles and pedestrians.

Motorcoaches have taken to the 8 channel DVR  to provide continued coverage of buses and passengers. Providing better security, visibility and safety. Intermodal (hostlers) and freight container movers such as cranes and fork lifts use mobile security monitoring to increase safety and greatly reduce insurance premiums. Having a safe record can make the difference between getting a contract or not.

D4 - mobile DVR 4 channel fleet monitoring system

D4 Camera System (Also Available)

The idrive D4 is a compact and rugged fleet camera solution that supports 4 indoor/outdoor cameras for extended coverage. The D4 records high quality digital video and audio onto a removable 500 GB solid-state hard drive.

D-Series Accessories

TV provides 360 visibility for large fleet vehicles and security coverage

Video LCD

A video display may be mounted in the vehicle giving the driver a better view of the surroundings and/or of passengers. View all 4 cameras at the same time or toggle between camera views with the remote. This allows the driver to be aware of what is happening in and around the vehicle. The unit can also be used as a backup camera.

Tamper-proof Box

The tamper-proof box is an additional step in security. The metal tamper-proof box locks with the idrive D8 DVR unit inside to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the video captured.

DVR SSD security enclosure

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