Distracted Driving lands companies in trouble

Distracted Driving

Don’t Let Your Fleet Drivers be Distracted

Reading a text message while driving 55 mph is similar to driving the length of a football field while closing your eyes. Smart phones still require too much attention to be used while driving. Distracted driving is not only a crime, it is deadly. Each year over 3000 people are killed by Distracted Driving in the USA.

Distracted Driving is becoming more popular and as new technology emerges and an increasing number of people become more reliant on their smart phones and tech devices. Help your company stay above the growing statistics. Monitoring drivers will help you keep your fleet safe and reduce the number of accidents that fleet vehicles are involved in. It is also one of the only ways to ensure that fleet drivers are not driving distracted. This is even more important because they are driving your vehicles. One distracted driving mistake can affect the entire company and its owners.

Distracted Driving Deaths/yr
Distracted Driving injuries/yr
Distracted Drivers Daily

Monitoring Distracted Drivers

Monitoring drivers helps to eradicate bad driving habits and makes drivers stay aware. With over 600,000 distracted drivers daily how can you be sure your drivers aren’t talking on the phone or texting while driving. Video Event Recorders allow fleet managers to see where all their vehicles are and to get a real-time look inside the vehicle’s cab. The idrive X2 Camera system records during triggered events like:

  • Speeding
  • Accidents
  • Swerving
  • Aggressive Driving.
Monitoring Distracted Drivers in Company Vehicles with Dash Cameras

It is estimated that 10% of drivers on the road are distracted by their cellular phone at any given time. This creates a huge risk for the other 90% of drivers and even more of a risk when multiple drivers in an area are driving while distracted. Dash cameras can help see if a driver is driving distracted. Dual-view cameras record inside the vehicle and outside. The outside vehicle camera can help identify if a vehicle swerved into yours or even if the other driver was on the phone.

Protect your fleet vehicles from distracted drivers and don’t let your drivers drive distracted.