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Driver Event Recorder Benefits

Exonerate and Win

Drivers that have been falsely accused of a crime whether it be running a red light, improper lane changing or a collision know the value of video evidence. For skilled drivers, knowing that you can prove your innocence and protect yourself from unjust actions is a huge relief.

Think of the camera as a tool. Most of the time the camera is not recording but it comes on when there is an accident or an event. It is there when you need it. You can even trigger your own events with the driver Panic Button.

Privacy Concerns

It is a natural concern for drivers to worry about their privacy. Feeling that you are always being recorded can make work seem more stressful. This mindset is exactly the opposite of what vehicle safety systems are trying to accomplish. Driver safety and security are the top priorities.

Only triggered events are recorded and transferred. If continuous recording is activated it is only transferred upon request. This means that you are only being recorded for 15 – 30 seconds when an event is triggered.

Automatic face blur

idrive software can automatically add face blur to videos to protect drivers’ and passengers’ privacy.

USA Deaths/Day

% of fleet vehicles in accidents

USA Injuries/Day

idrive reduces accidents

Driver Safety

1 in 5 commercial vehicles are in an accident each year.

idrive can reduce accidents by as much as 50%.

Getting through a long work day safely is one of your chief concerns, it is ours too. With hundreds of traffic fatalities and injuries every single day idrive does its best to make your job safer.

Be the Best Driver

Have a long beneficial career in the transportation industry by driving consistently well.

The idrive X2 is made to be used as a training device to help drivers be the best they can be. Many drivers are well seasoned professionals and safety managers have begun to implement rewards for drivers who save them money.