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Intermodal Fleet Monitoring

Cargo containers and intermodal transportation are the backbone of goods and services that are distributed, sold and bought throughout the world. With the staggering amount of goods being moved everyday companies are overworked and speed is a requirement. Making safety and oversight even more important. In their efforts to make fleets safer and reduce cost many companies have turned to idrive intermodal fleet monitoring camera systems.

Trains – Ships – Hostlers – Cranes – Trucks

Our intermodal clients operate some of the largest freight railroad networks in North America. Transporting millions of intermodal cargo containers throughout the United States and world-wide. Dealing with ships, trains, cranes, hostlers and semi-trucks comes with a great amount of risk and companies must place a huge effort into safety. With over 500 deaths each year in the United States from railroad freight transportation. Companies have teamed up with the idrive x2 to help them reduce accidents and insurance costs. Making their fleets safer and more profitable.

Many of our intermodal clients are bidding on jobs and make their money from yearly contracts. Safety and efficiency are paramount when trying to show that you are the right company for the job. Being able to accurately monitor drivers and track fleet location has given idrive clients an edge over the competition and helped them secure and maintain long contracts with ports and railway companies.

“Intermodal transportation reduces cargo handling, and so improves security, reduces damage and loss, and allows freight to be transported faster.” – wikipedia

Intermodal Monitoring

The accountability that idrive provides for cargo and logistics companies allows them to visually show driver and fleet performance with idrive reporting. Track driver improvement and work closely with their event videos to make sure that drivers are making the best decisions and following necessary safety regulations. Driving event videos can be automatically downloaded to the fleet base station where fleet managers can review the day’s events in a couple minutes.

intermodal monitoring & video telematics for fleet safety
intermodal freight monitoring camera system and mobile DVR

Intermodal Freight Monitoring

Intermodal freight monitoring is important for cranes and other large equipment that need extra camera angles. We use the idrive D-Series Mobile DVR. The D8 camera system records 8 channels of HD video onto a large SSD. With an inside the cab mountable LCD TV this system is a great way to give drivers a 360 view around their vehicle helping to reduce blind spots, injuries and vehicle damage. Use multiple cameras to improve intermodal freight safety when moving and loading freight containers from ships to hostlers to logistics trucks.

One of our intermodal clients has reduced their fleets insurance costs by over 50 percent after installing idrive camera systems in their fleet vehicles.

idrive intermodal fleet monitoring