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Fleet Monitoring

We can monitor your fleet

Why use idrive Monitoring?

Often times videos are skimmed over or not even watched, potentially missing dangerous behavior. idrive techs watch every video.

Watching your events is an important step because it allows the identification of dangerous driving and bad habits. Identifying these early on can stop accidents from happening and save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We believe that training and helping drivers to improve skills on the road is the most effective way for companies to save money and maximize safe fleet performance.


  • Acceleration/Braking Habits
  • Follow Distance
  • Speed Management
  • Fuel Usage

idrive’s analysts will work with you to make sure your drivers are performing well. By studying reports and driving data idrive personnel will give you the tools and information to maintain optimal fleet performance. Preventing accidents and giving you video protection if an accident does happen.

Is your fleet monitored by idrive?

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