Motorcoach Monitoring and GPS Tracking

X-Series Motorcoach Monitoring Camera System

Motorcoach Video Monitoring

The idrive X2 video event recorder and the D8 mobile DVR provide video monitoring for motorcoach fleets. The D8 DVR camera system allows motorcoach monitoring with up to 8 HD video cameras inside and outside the vehicle. Video monitoring provides safety, security, passenger and driver monitoring.

All cameras are weatherproof and provide wide areas of coverage. Setting up cameras to monitor drivers, passengers, and road hazards outside the motorcoach promotes safety and security.

Motorcoach GPS Tracking

idrive offers passive and live motorcoach tracking with the X2 dash camera and Video Telematics. This package allows fleet managers to track the GPS location of each motorcoach in transit. See how fast each bus is traveling and how long they idle at each location. Motorcoach monitoring helps companies know when passengers will arrive at their destination and how well each driver is preforming.

In addition to tracking and video the X2 provides motorcoach telematics data which can be received and viewed remotely by fleet managers. Live telematics information such as vehicle speed, GPS coordinates, vehicle and driver ids and videos can be sent to the company base station and monitored. Giving fleet managers live telematics and tracking information when making decisions, planning routes and estimating arrival times.

GPS Tracking for Motorcoach & Bus
Bus & Motorcoach fleet safety with camera systems

Motorcoach Safety & Accidents

Improving safety is a top priority for companies with motorcoach fleets. When a motorcoach accident occurs companies need to consider the amount of people involved. Many motorcoaches can carry over 50 passengers. Which could result in 50 unhappy clients, 50 injuries or multiple lawsuits. Motorcoach dash cameras and video event recorders have been proven to reduce accidents by over 50 percent. Creating more vigilant and aware drivers. Video event recorders and dash cameras help managers see areas where drivers need to improve and videos to help train drivers. It also lets companies see who their top drivers are and which drivers save the company money.

Driver & Passenger Safety and Security

Transportation companies are responsible for getting passenger to their destination safely. There is a lot of risk involved with people moving. Having cameras installed in vehicles discourages crime. When people know that they are being recorded they are less likely to commit crimes. This provides better security for drivers and a safer ride for passengers.

Fleet Driver Training

Companies are monitoring drivers to make sure they are driving how they were trained. Managers are finding that having cameras in motorcoaches is one of the best ways to discourage bad driving habits. It allows managers to use driver videos to train and improve driving skills. Using reports and telematics data motorcoach fleets can see how drivers are preforming and find drivers that need improvement.

Motorcoach driver training and driver retention systems
Motorcoaches stop at all railroad and train crossings

Railroad Crossing

Motorcoaches and transit buses are required to stop at railroad crossings. Setup GeoFence areas around train and railroad intersections to trigger video recordings or look at speed graphs in Control Center to see if drivers make a complete stop.

360 Motorcoach Security

With up to 8 cameras mounted around and inside of buses you can eliminate blind spots and monitor security. The LCD video screen gives drivers visibility around their vehicle so they can see hidden vehicles and pedestrians. The D8 provides continuous vehicle video surveillance for 8 cameras. Cameras are often mounted in the rear of the bus to provide a wide-angle backup or reverse camera, on the sides to monitor blind spots and sideswipes and multiple angles within the coach to monitor drivers and passengers.

360 Video Monitoring - 8 Camera recorder for large vehicles and continuous coverage

Motorcoach Insurance

Fleet insurance companies are offering big discounts to companies that install camera systems. Some even pay a percentage of the camera costs. Many of our clients are utilizing this incentive from their insurance carrier to save money every year.

Check with your insurance carrier to see if they are offer video event recorder discounts.

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One of our clients has reduced their fleet insurance costs by over 50 percent after installing idrive camera systems in their fleet vehicles.

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