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Fleet Logistics News & Technology

idrive fleet camera systems is working to keep the transportation industry running with the latest in dash camera and Logistics tracking technology. Learn how other logistics and fleet companies are using vehicle cameras to reduce accidents and increase profits. Video event recorders are being used to monitor drivers and vehicles with minimal time required by management. Find Fleet Logistics News, informational articles, idrive press releases and transportation news to keep your company informed about the latest in the transportation news.

  • semi truck logistics GPS tracking and telematics

Logistics Monitoring

Logistics Monitoring in Transportation Logistics monitoring helps keep track of fleets that are always on the go. Moving Freight and shipping material across the [...]

  • Monitoring Distracted Driving for Company Fleets

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Don’t Let Your Fleet Drivers be Distracted Reading a text message while driving 55 mph is similar to driving the length of a football [...]

  • Bus & Motorcoach Monitoring

Motorcoach Video Monitoring

Motorcoach Monitoring and GPS Tracking Motorcoach Video Monitoring The idrive X2 video event recorder and the D8 mobile DVR provide video monitoring [...]

  • United Motorcoach Expo Logo

idrive 2018 Fleet Trade Show Schedule

idrive Fleet Trade Shows 2018 In 2018 idrive is focusing on getting company fleets equipped with the latest idrive technology. The technology industry is always changing and that [...]

  • Pie chart graph of roadway deaths in 2016

Buckle Up to Live – Increase your Odds of Staying Alive with idrive

This graph show the percentage of traffic fatalities and deaths and the types of vehicles they relate to: Large Trucks/buses, Small Trucks, Motorcycles, Passengers, Pedestrians and Bicycles. [...]

  • intermodal container lifted on top of other containers

Intermodal Fleet Monitoring

Intermodal Fleet Monitoring Cargo containers and intermodal transportation are the backbone of goods and services that are distributed, sold and bought throughout the world. [...]

  • Fleet Vehicles with dash cameras benefit companies

Dash Camera Benefits for Fleets and Companies

Dash Camera Benefits for Fleet Vehicles and Companies The National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB says that semi-trucks and other fleet vehicles should have fleet [...]

  • APTA Expo Floor Plan Layout

2017 idrive Trade Shows

idrive Transportation Trade Shows 2017 In 2017 idrive updated its X2 vehicle camera. Showcasing vehicle camera systems at a variety of trade shows and transportation expos around the [...]