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Real-Time Video Telematics

Live GPS Tracking & Video Monitoring

Many companies use GPS tracking but more and more are switching to video telematics. Idrive employs real-time Video Telematics with artificial intelligence so that fleet managers can not only see where a vehicle is, they can now stream live video strait from the vehicle camera system. This is real-time video monitoring across your entire vehicle fleet.

Stay connected to your fleet with real-time vehicle tracking and video telematics.

Video Telematics Features

Real-Time GPS tracking

Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking

In collaboration with Google Maps you can search and GPS track each vehicle in your fleet. Find vehicles and routes that drivers are on. Schedule pickups and deliveries for the nearest driver. Dispatch can advise drivers on best possible routes to take based on their current location during weather, traffic, and detours.

High level of accuracy – GPS location is collected every 10 seconds within the camera and locations can be transmitted via live cellular every 30 seconds. Giving a precise GPS tracking location of fleet vehicles.

Look inside your cab, semi, shuttle, motorcoach, intermodal or logistics fleet vehicles with real-time video streaming. With the click of a button receive 5-seconds of real-time video telematics. The feature of real-time video allows managers to be sure that drivers are preforming well and also works as a deterrent to drivers that might not want to follow safety regulations and company procedures.

For owners and managers that are out of the office real-time video and fleet management can be done on the go through your mobile devices such as Apple and Android cell phones and tablets. Making fleet monitoring accessible anywhere you are.

Real-Time video telematics - front and back dash camera
live vehicle GPS location and GeoFence boundaries

GeoFence & GeoExclude

GeoFence – Set boundaries around a route and receive alerts when a driver leaves their route. Know that your drivers are where they are supposed to be and that company cars are not being used for personal errands.

GeoExclude – Turn camera recording off in certain areas or cities. This is a necessary feature in some countries and areas such as military locations and places of worship where video recording is not allowed.


When a vehicle is in an accident fleet managers can pinpoint the accident location and notify emergency personnel. Protect your fleet with reliable real-time GPS locations and vehicle telematics. If power is still running to the camera live video can be requested to help managers assess the severity of the accident to help provide first responders more information before arriving to the scene. In remote areas this will help assure that emergency personnel are dispatching the necessary equipment to access and treat the patient.

Real-time telematics and GPS tracking to locate fleet vehicles in an accident.