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X2 Dash Camera Tech Specs

Front Camera – 160 degree wide-angle

Rear Camera – 170 degree wide-angle

Video Resolution – 720p to maximize storage and image quality

Storage – 32GB and 64GB secure storage

Night vision – 4 driver facing infrared LEDs for in cab images at night

Internal Accelerometer – Monitors G-Force and triggers event recording

Wi-Fi – Built-in Wi-Fi for automatic video downloads

USB Port – Download videos with built-in USB port

Dash Camera Record Modes:

Continuous – Records continuous video will the vehicle is in operation

Event – Records set time frames before and after an event

Event Triggers – Accident, G-Force, GPS Location, Speed, Excessive Acceleration or Deceleration, Aggressive Driving

Audio – Record audio option

GPS – Built-in GPS receiver

Video Compression – Multiple video compression modes. We recommend High Quality for best video clarity

Ports – USB and RS232 Serial Port (Approved Integrations)

idrive Tech Support – 9am-5pm within the United States

X2 Camera Accessories

Driver ID – Register drivers when they enter the vehicle and tags them in the video

Panic Button – record event with the click of a button

Visual Telematics – Real-time video (5-seconds) and Live GPS tracking

Cellular Receiver –  We use a multi-network service to minimize cellular dead zones

If you would like more information on the X2 or have questions on how the X2 camera systems can be incorporated into your fleet please give idrive a call: 805-308-6094

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