X2 idrive Video Event Recorder and Dash Camera front

Fleet Monitoring Dash Camera

The idrive X2 is a fleet tracking system with camera, or a Video Event Recorder. Created for businesses looking to reduce accidents and monitor fleet vehicles and drivers. More and more fleet safety managers are realizing the need to see what is happening in their vehicles and making the switch from standard GPS tracking to video telematics.

Video Event Recorder Camera Features

GPS tracking and monitoring - live fleet telematics

GPS Tracking with Live Video

Track the GPS locations of your entire fleet. See where a vehicle is, their route and how long they have been in a location. View real-time GPS and Video Telematics (video streaming) with subscription.

With Control Center you have access to all vehicle data and videos. Setup vehicle location boundaries and triggers with GeoFence to automatically record if a vehicle deviates from its intended course.

Smart Fleet Cameras:

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

Distracted Driving Alert

Drowsy Driving Alert

Driver Identification

Facial Recognition

Fleet Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

We create smart dash cameras by installing computer vision and artificial intelligence into our video event recorders, changing the way that vehicle monitoring is done. With facial recognition cameras can automatically identify drivers. There is no longer a need for key fobs and driver I.D.s, it is all done within the camera.

Computer vision allows us to monitor and alert drivers during distracted driving and drowsy driving events. Eliminate cell phone use and texting while driving. Distracted driving is one of the most common problems fleet associated with vehicle accidents and in the past managers were not able to control or monitor distracted driving.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Dash Camera
Fleet Monitoring solution for logistics, motorcoach, Intermodal fleet.

In-House Fleet Monitoring

Monitor your fleet from your computer. With our video fleet monitoring system you can look-in on drivers while they are on the road, get vehicle GPS tracking, and event videos can download via cellular signal just after the are recorded.

Event videos combined with artificial intelligence give companies an unbiased method of monitoring, scoring and coaching drivers. Idrive also offers their own vehicle monitoring service.

Vehicle Accident Camera

Record critical videos before, during and after an event. Our technology allows for capturing video immediately before an event. For use in training, litigation and other legal situations.

Protecting your fleet from just one accident can bring a return on your investment. Video Event Recorders typically reduce vehicle accidents by 50% or more.

Fleet accident recording - semi truck and a vehicle crash

Idrive Professional Dash Camera & Fleet Solution

Start saving your company money today by installing the idrive X2 all in one solution. Perfect for Motorcoach, Intermodal, Trucking, Emergency, Logistics, and other commercial fleet vehicles. For X2 Tech Specs.

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