Discover a single platform to track, monitor and manage your vehicles, assets, drivers and more…..


Idrive combines 15 years Commercial Vehicle Video Telematics with 10 years of Artificial Intelligence and over 100,000 vehicles of all types. to solve most of your fleet related problems. IdriveAI can integrate your existing fleet solution into our platform so you can have a single system that is easy to use yet gives you complete access to all your solutions in a single location.
IdriveAI produces the highest quality products 100% in-house in the USA and Europe.

Fleet Solutions

Industry Specific Solutions

Compliance Solutions


IdriveAI produces In-house hardware and software R&D, USA designed + EU made. This Dual Camera is completely contained in a single enclosure due to extreme engineering.  With 15 years Commercial Vehicle Video Telematics and 10 years with Artificial Intelligence, you never have to worry about not having the best and latest technology available. 

Dual AI based Camera

Road Facing or Driver Facing Single Camera

Alcohol detection

MDVR 4,6,8,10 camera systems

OBDII/J1939 Vehicle information connection (ELD Compatible)

4G diversity antenna as standard.

Power Conditioning/Battery Back-Up Solutions


IdriveAI provides services as part of a packaged solution or a la carte.  Our Iris platform with our products to services that we provide or to track the devices that you already have installed in your fleet.   We offer a full suite of vehicle safety, cost savings and compliance.

Vehicle Tracking  

Video Telematics with advance Artificial Intelligence 

API integration to connect to your existing systems 

OEM Services to brand or resell our products and services 

ELD/HOS Services to keep you compliant 

Idrive fleet monitoring service