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With the Pro 7 AI Dual Dash-Cam, the most feature complete AI based dash-cam in the industry you have full control over your fleet, live data of your drivers, and split second driver notifications that will save lives, minimize tragedies and make your fleet an efficient engine for your business.


Fleet managers often grapple with the challenges of inefficient driving, rising fuel costs, and a lack of comprehensive tools to enhance driver safety and reduce carbon emissions. The absence of a reliable solution creates a void in achieving optimal fleet performance.

Imagine the impact of unchecked fuel consumption, erratic driver behavior, and the environmental toll of unnecessary carbon emissions. Picture the frustration of managing a fleet without real-time insights into driver conduct, leading to potential safety hazards and operational inefficiencies. These concerns compound, affecting not just individual drivers but the entire ecosystem of road safety and environmental sustainability.

The Pro 7 Dual Dash-Cam doesn’t just capture footage; it transforms the way fleets operate. With features like real-time monitoring, distance detection, and facial recognition, IdriveAI empowers fleet managers to tackle inefficiencies head-on. By promoting responsible driving habits through personalized coaching and data-driven insights, IdriveAI not only enhances individual driver experiences but collectively contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. It’s not just a solution; it’s a transformative journey toward greener, safer, and more efficient roads.

Safe Driver


Drowsy and Eyelid Closure Detection offer drivers
life-saving audio notifications making them alert once more and prevents tragic accidents


Safe Distance Warnings will alert drivers of unsafe proximity to another vehicle in front of them offering them time to prevent accidents

Near Miss

Crash Prevention

Lane Departure Detection will alert drivers when they go over the continuous line, reducing accident due to improper vehicle positioning


Increased Driver Awareness

Cell phone Detection alerts the driver and notifies the fleet manager of cellphone usage while driving, giving great coaching opportunities


Reduced Wear and Tear

Hard Braking Detection lets fleet managers know if drivers are engaging in rough or improper use of company vehicles

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“Since installing our cameras our general liability and workers’ compensation rates have never been lower with a 58.33% reduction in cost.”
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Here are The Pro7 features

Driver-side features


Road-side feature



All-In-One Fleet Management Platform

The Iris platform gives you FULL control and visibility over to all safety, efficiency and compliance events in real time, offering you the best information possible to better increase productivity, check driver safety and identify great coaching opportunities for drivers.

Iris is designed to monitor your fleet’s metrics and driver behavior and helps you identify any issues or potential asset risks. Iris lets you know of any bad actors, reckless drivers or improper use of company vehicles, giving you unmatched control over your fleet all from ONE PLATFORM.


By enhancing safety and accentuating fleet and driver development: 

Shield Yourself Against Unjust Claims: In the unfortunate event of an accident, our cutting-edge dash cams act as your silent guardian. The captured footage can swiftly validate your innocence, protecting you from false accusations and contradicting any misleading statements made by other involved drivers. By doing so, you not only safeguard your reputation but also minimize the financial impact of insurance claims, preserving your funds securely. 

Exonerate with Precision: Statistics reveal that in over 75% of fatal truck-passenger vehicle-involved crashes, passenger car drivers are deemed responsible. Our dash cams not only make exoneration possible but highly probable for truck drivers. By leveraging technology, we empower you to navigate potential risks, ultimately ensuring a safer and more secure driving experience. 

Elevate Your Driving Skills: Our dash cams go beyond mere protection; they serve as invaluable tools for refining your professional driving abilities. Receive in-cab alerts for events such as speeding, harsh braking, turns, seatbelt usage, following distance, and potential collisions. This real-time feedback allows you to identify and correct unsafe driving behaviors, contributing to continuous improvement and safer roads. 

Data-Driven Performance Insights: Every camera-triggered event becomes part of a comprehensive statistical database, generating scores and reports. By meticulously tracking drivers’ behavior and performance, we facilitate targeted training to mitigate potential risks, minor incidents, or accidents. This proactive approach not only enhances safety but also streamlines your driver management process, ensuring a more efficient and reliable fleet. 

Empower Your Fleet Management: Take control of your fleet with advanced tools that allow you to position and monitor your vehicles effortlessly. With real-time status updates, you gain a strategic advantage in optimizing your fleet management process. Stay ahead of the curve, ensuring operational excellence and maximizing the efficiency of your entire fleet. 

Comprehensive Incident Analysis with Dual-Camera Technology 

Proactive Footage Capture: Our advanced forward-facing camera automatically records crucial footage both before and after events triggered by improper tailgating. Simultaneously, the cabin-facing camera captures incidents related to distractions, smoking, phone usage, and seatbelt negligence. Shocks are also considered, ensuring a comprehensive recording of events. 

Intuitive IRIS Web Interface 

Meet IRIS, our user-friendly web-based interface designed for seamless interaction. Dive into a side-by-side comparison of video recordings from both cameras during triggered events. This intuitive platform empowers users to analyze incidents with precision, facilitating informed decision-making to prevent future occurrences. 

Yes, through a Holistic Incident Study you can do a Real-Time Incident Analysis 

With the dual-camera setup and the power of IRIS, incidents become opportunities for comprehensive study. By reviewing footage seamlessly, users gain valuable insights into the sequence of events, enabling proactive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. With both cameras recording before and after triggered events, our system provides real-time incident analysis. Stay ahead of potential risks, address safety concerns promptly, and proactively shape a secure environment for drivers and fleet operations. Harness the power of our dual-camera technology and the intuitive IRIS interface for enhanced incident management and to enhance safety and decision-making within your operations. 

They provide the basis for Strategic Decision-Making 

IRIS not only presents a visual timeline of events but also serves as a decision-making hub. Users can assess incidents, draw conclusions, and implement preventive measures to bolster safety protocols. This proactive approach transforms incidents into valuable learning experiences, creating a safer and more secure environment for all stakeholders. 


Our commitment to data security and privacy is paramount. We rigorously adhere to SOC2 guidelines, ensuring that the handling of data, including video recordings, meets the highest industry standards for security, availability, and confidentiality. Moreover, we utilize a reputable and secure cloud service known for its reliability and respect for privacy. 

Rest assured, our comprehensive approach to data protection is designed to address and alleviate any privacy concerns. We prioritize the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard your information. Our dedication to following industry best practices and leveraging secure technologies underscores our commitment to ensuring the utmost safety and privacy for your data. 

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From day one, Idrive has been focused on creating fleet camera systems that save lives and money. In 2009, we started our journey designing and building one of the world’s first real-time in-cab monitoring dash cams with GPS tracking and Video Telematics for commercial vehicles.

And now, we deliver the world’s most intelligent vision system for detecting and predicting critical driving behaviors. This is achieved by processing over 3 million miles of driver data daily through our proprietary embedded deep learning neural networks.

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