AI Camera Technology for Next-Gen Driver Monitoring

Saving lives in real-time, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) and proprietary artificial intelligence enables you to create the world’s safest drivers and optimize fleet performance with an advanced driver monitoring system.

Discover the New Idrive AI Cam

We develop the world’s most advanced artificially intelligent dash camera & video telematics device. Meet the Idrive AI Cam, next level fleet monitoring technology.


How we detect risk and keep your fleet safe

Facial Recognition

Drowsy Driving Detection

Safe Distance Warning

Distracted Driving Detection

How We Apply It

Everything we build is in motion and constantly improving. Our embedded proprietary computer vision algorithms and neural network learning systems work behind the scenes of the Idrive iris control panel and AI Cam to deliver fleet and driver behavior insights with maximum accuracy.

Integrated into a single seamless platform, the Idrive solution provides all the information necessary for efficient management of driver behavior and fleet performance.

Intuitive fleet management

Our iris platform tracks Safety, Efficiency and Compliance events in real-time for every driver in your fleet and automatically analyzes it into actionable intelligence for fleet managers.

iris intelligence is designed for you to monitor fleet metrics, driver behavior trends and assess risk. Complex analytics take bad driving events and calculates how much a driver is costing the company.​

Billions of Miles of Driving Data

The only mature artificially intelligent technology for driver assistance to exceed 90% accuracy in all critical areas.

Access All Features in One Platform

You make better decisions faster. Proven artificial intelligence is delivered in real-time through one platform.

IOT & Connected Car Technology

Now you can unlock the power of ten transportation peripherals through ONE single device: The Idrive AI Cam.

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“Since installing our cameras our general liability and workers’ compensation rates have never been lower with a 58.33% reduction in cost.”
RMS Intermodal

Idrive Industries

Fueled by data. Driven by Technology.

From day one, Idrive has been focused on creating fleet camera systems that save lives and money. In 2009, we started our journey designing and building one of the world’s first real-time in-cab monitoring dash cams with GPS tracking and Video Telematics for commercial vehicles.

And now, we deliver the world’s most intelligent vision system for detecting and predicting critical driving behaviors. This is achieved by processing over 3 million miles of driver data daily through our proprietary embedded deep learning neural networks.

We are Idrive.