Advancing Driver Monitoring With a Brand New idrive

If you have visited our web site recently, you may have noticed that we look quite different today compared to a month ago. That’s because we put our brand into over drive for a major refresh. But our new look should come as no surprise, and we didn’t do it just for the sake of it.

When idrive was founded over a decade ago, we were a dash camera company and our video telematics and live GPS tracking solutions fitted nicely with the needs of the market at the time.

Skip forward to today, and idrive has come a long way since our first X1 fleet video monitoring dash camera.

Our technology has evolved from a humble dash camera and platform named Global Center into a stable, mature artificial intelligence system supporting enterprise-scale driver safety, fleet monitoring and video telematics solutions for some of the largest transportation businesses across the world.

So, we thought it was about time we also change the way we look and talk to better reflect the idrive of today.

Getting smarter about keeping eyes on the road

One aspect that we wanted to resonate clearly through our new brand is our use of AI, deep learning and machine learning technologies that allow us to produce unsurpassed accuracy on our core features of accident prediction, distracted driving and drowsiness detection.

In addition to the broad functionality that our platform offers, it was critical to communicate the flexibility that we offer both to our clients who love working with a single platform for multiple use cases, but also to our resellers, who want to be able to quickly identify and align their customers biggest pain points with both out-of-box and turnkey idrive solutions.

We also wanted to reflect the idea that what we do at idrive is complex, but that we make it as seamless as possible to get started with our services so that clients can visualize the benefits and fleet cost savings within one month of implementation.

It was only after tracking over a billion miles of real driving data that we could take on a new perspective for what we do at idrive. At the core of our advanced artificial intelligence driver monitoring system is the ability for our embedded AI to operate on the cameras directly to ensure consistent, reliable and accurate performance even when cellular signal is low.

The crystal clear and accurate identification of the most critical driver behaviors is all about the ability of our technology to ‘see everything’. By drawing on the similarities between the human eye and a camera lens, we chose to name our fleet management platform ‘iris’ to represent the colorful benefits our technology brings to prevent the most disastrous and life threatening events that too often occur in the commercial transportation industry.

So much more than a (powerful) camera

The new name of our latest fleet monitoring dash camera represents the additional features and benefits that we offer in addition to the industry standardized video telematics and GPS tracking.

Today we are proud to introduce the idrive next generation AI Cam, which exceeds the combined functionality provided by connecting up to 10 competing devices.

The translates into drowsy and distracted in-cab driving alerts that are proven to reduce accidents by up to 50%. The safe distance warning display also gives instant feedback on unsafe following distances, and manager can now send in-cab alerts that notify drivers to prevent accidents.

The challenge in building the AI Cam was to establish a near real-time connection between the fleet management control center iris and each individual driver in the fleet, even if cellular connectivity is weak or lost. We achieved our goal and are now the only available computer vision driver assistance tech to exceed 90% accuracy overall.

Albeit we are not solely a dash camera company, we gave our latest camera the name AI Cam to reflect what we do best – artificial intelligence.

Visually speaking

Our aim is to stand out from the other dash camera manufacturers and make the connection of the importance between our hardware and software in what is a very crowded market.

Our new differentiated look features the original idrive logo with a brighter red full circle nestled inside of a lens flair effect which represents the constant motion of our industry and technology: our technology exponentially get smarter with each new mile our cameras travel.

Take a look at the new identity for iris. It immediately identifies the essence of our software through a visual cue of the human eye whilst correlating with the idrive brand logo.

As a growing force in transportation technology, we also used a variety of illustrations to communicate some of the more functional aspects of our technology. As a way to make complex concepts easier to understand, we carefully segmented our platform into four components and four solutions that work interchangeably together.

In the months to come, you will continue to see us evolve – whether it is to showcase our latest technologies at a transportation exhibition near you or to meet the changing needs of our customers and their markets.

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