Fleet monitoring solution for emergency, protecting staff, assets and the public for emergency vehicles

Fleet Monitoring Solution For Emergency,Implement distracted and drowsy driving detection, boost operational efficiency and track emergency vehicle fleets in real-time with idrive.  

Fully Automated To Capture Everything Critical

Fleet Monitoring Solution For Emergency From vehicle speed, G-force data and GPS location to in-cab alerts that prevent collisions at the most critical times, the Idrive AI dash cam captures a variety of driver and vehicle data to streamline fleet monitoring operations. The Iris platform generates actionable intelligence to give you complete oversight of your fleet, in addition to video telematics data.


Your Advanced Driver Monitoring System

Our single device dash camera features a driver and road facing camera with embedded artificial intelligence algorithms that monitor and identify a variety of driver behaviors to prevent collisions and enhance driver safety. Both you and your drivers receive alerts in real-time based on the in-cab activities you want to track and AI system features applicable to your industry.

Get The Most Out Of Your Fleet

Protecting and serving 24/7 results in an increase in idling time across your entire fleet. With Idrive video telematics and reports, it’s fast and easy to draw accurate conclusions about which drivers and vehicles are draining the tank. Our driver coaching methodology ensures that each driver in your fleet is represented and ranked according to their Safety, Efficiency and Compliance scores. The higher the score the better.

Key Benefits and Features

Collect and visualize vehicle speed, GPS coordinates, driver ids, footage and more through our cloud-based iRIS platform. Emergency vehicle video telematics data can be received and viewed remotely by fleet managers to make smarter decisions and  react to emergency situations in real-time. 

Improving safety remains a top priority for companies with bus and motorcoach fleets. Since accidents among these vehicle types affect a larger group of people compared to trucking and intermodal transportation, it’s imperative to develop driver safety policies and be able to monitor them to keep drivers alert, distraction free and more vigilant. Video event recorders and dash cameras help managers see areas where drivers need to improve. With all data reporting back to the iRIS platform, it is easy for companies to identify their top drivers and determine all areas for driver improvement.

Safe drivers are made. Not born. Installing video monitoring cameras in buses and motorcoaches is one of the best ways to discourage bad driving habits. It allows managers to use driver videos to train and improve driving skills, access reports and telematics data to visualize how drivers are performing and spot drivers who need improvement.