Fleet Monitoring Solutions and Performance Management

Fleet monitoring solutions offered by idrive combine the experience of dedicated video monitoring auditors with advanced reporting and analytics. We provide an immersive and unparalleled overview of your fleet operations.

Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

With powerful artificial intelligence and trained eyes working in tandem, you can rest assured that no bad habits or risky driving behavior will slip through the cracks. Our idrive auditors work for fleet monitoring solutions  with you to ensure your drivers maintain their highest performance scores and remain safe.

Optimizing Your ROI Through AI

Intelligent algorithms are trained and re-trained to identify and detect a myriad of risky driving behaviors that cost your company money. Drivers with higher safety scores save you money and reduce your chances of a costly accident.

Using our advanced analytics we can calculate how much drivers are costing you in wasted fuel. We watch what matters.

Fuel Management

Vehicle idling is a major expense. idrive fleet monitoring tools will identify which drivers and vehicles have the highest idle times.

  • Learn where and when idling occurs
  • Determine locations and regions where idling is more common, such as offices, petrol stations and warehouses

Transform How You Monitor Your Fleet

Offset fleet management responsibility and reinvest time in increasing driver accountability.

  • Get insight into drivers’ on-road activities with Safety Reports
  • Provide instant feedback and improve driving skills with in-vehicle driver coaching
  • Receive instant alerts in the event of an accident
  • Keep high quality records of overall vehicle health

Transform How You Monitor Your Fleet

Often times videos are skimmed over or not even watched, potentially missing dangerous behavior. Videos are fed through our AI machine and auditors verify critical events.

Watching your events is an important step because it allows the identification of dangerous driving and bad habits. Fleet monitoring can identify these early on to stop accidents from happening, saving your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in vehicle damage, driver injuries and out of commission fleet vehicles.

Fleet Monitoring Reduces Accident Rates Improves Acceleration and Braking Habits Reduces Follow Distances Increases Fuel Efficiency Increases Driver Retention