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Gem Limousine Worldwide provides luxury transportation services throughout the world. With over 42 years of experience, Gem Limo knows that there can be no compromise when it comes to the safety of their clients and drivers. In order to provide a luxury level of service, Gem continually invests in new technology to ensure the safety and comfort of their clients while adding to the efficiency of their business.

“The value, customer service and support, easy user interface and consistent product enhancements made idrive an excellent choice for our company.” Ian Reilly, Manager- Training and Operations

With safety and reliability as a top priority, Gem wanted to find the best platform for video telematics and fleet management. Continual training of their drivers is one of the core strategies and principles that Gem Limo runs their business on.  Gem Limousine was looking for a product to use in their fleet that would provide them with real-world training, reduction in losses and increased safety awareness.

In 2011 Gem Limousine chose idrive as their safety partner and have continued the collaboration ever since, adding newly developed idrive cameras and AI solutions to their fleet.

With idrive’s new services like Distracted Driving Detection, Facial Recognition and Advanced Event Triggering Gem Limousine can be sure that their drivers are providing clients with a safe and smooth ride.

Gem Limo

Traffic accidents can and do occur but since implementing the idrive system throughout our fleet, we’ve found great value in the ability to review the events and actions of those involved as they occurred thereby making the data captured by idrive a vital part of our process.

Ian Reilly, Manager - Training and Operations

Results did not take long to show

Reduction in the number of safety related events


Average driver safety score
(out of 10)


Improvement in fuel


Reduction in number of events triggered


Unlock A New Perspective In Driver Safety With Proven And Tested AI