How AI Video and Fleet Tracking Systems Can Reduce Accidents by 50 Percent

Fleet tracking systems that integrate artificial intelligence elements are gaining more and more popularity among fleet managers, especially in the field of transport. They are highly efficient in monitoring driving behaviors by providing both driver facing and road-facing high-quality video footage.

Safety is one of the biggest challenges for a fleet manager, regardless of the fleet size. Having a tool like an AI based dash camera paired with driver coaching can significantly reduce accidents by more than 50 percent. 

What safety measures can fleet managers implement?

Having a basic dash cam is no longer an innovative measure for fleet managers, but using an AI video camera that incorporates multiple features into a compact device can revolutionize fleet management. Advanced dash camera systems, like the idrive AI camera, are capable of reducing accidents by more than 50% when actively used with driver coaching.

The use of systems that provide visual information gives a real and unbiased picture of driving behaviors. Having access to such valuable data, allows both drivers and fleet managers to easily understand what areas are good driving habits and which areas need to be improved. 

Immediate coaching with in-cab feedback can stop risky driving, such as distracted & drowsy driving, following distances, and speeding immediately by alerting the driver with a beep. All captured events should also be uploaded to a platform, like idrive’s secure online platform iris, for immediate driver coaching.

How does the AI video and fleet tracking system contribute to reducing accidents?

Accident rates for fleets drop sharply when an intelligent dash camera system is integrated into a fleet management strategy. How is this possible? The advanced functions of the dash camera can make a difference in critical situations, especially when implementing in-cab feedback for detecting distracted & drowsy driving. Following up with driver coaching helps reduce risky driving and solidify proper driving habits.

For example, Fatigue and drowsiness is a big issues with truck drivers, who travel tens of thousands of miles every year. Many tragic accidents are caused by fatigue, so timely warning with features like in-cab drowsy driving detection is one of the most effective way to prevent such an event.

Pairing an advanced AI based dash camera with driver coaching will quickly reduce the rate of incidents occuring within your fleet and greatly increase safer driving habits. The key is getting access to the data quickly and efficiently so changes can happen before an incident occurs. This is why it is critical to pick a system that will provide you all the data in a simple easy to understand format so you can stop risky driving habits in its tracks.  

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