How to ensure the safety of your truck drivers

Driver safety is a priority for any commercial fleet manager, who has the responsibility to ensure a safe working environment and find effective ways to manage the risks that drivers face in traffic. 

Fatigue is one of the main risk factors when it comes to accidents that involve truck drivers, because their activity means traveling thousands of kilometers, which is a repetitive and often exhausting action. Many truck accidents can be attributed to tiredness and drowsy driving. Unfortunately, such accidents are likely to be fatal.

Risks can be managed more effectively if the manager has closer insight into fleet activity, which means integrating the benefits of telematics systems and vehicle tracking devices into the management strategy. This is where dashboard cameras come in, but not the traditional ones that only provide information about the geographical location and film the road, but the cameras with artificial intelligence upgrades, such as the idrive AI Cam. 

Live in-cab alerts can make a big difference in critical situations.

The technology behind idrive AI Cam is meant to enhance the safety of drivers and the fleet overall. Unlike a classic dash cam that can be considered a passive recorder, the AI Cam offers real-time insight into both the driving behavior and the activity of vehicles. As a result, one could say that artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way fleet managers can evaluate and analyze fleet activity, allowing them to come up with additional safety measures and increase productivity. 

The dash cam embodies functions that can make a difference in critical situations, as it informs fleet managers in a timely manner of risky behaviors and sends in-cab alerts directly to drivers. High-risk driving behaviors include speeding, using the phone while driving and also drowsy driving. 

By receiving real-time alerts, drivers become more responsible and aware of their behavior, especially in situations where an accident can occur if no further action is taken. It can be said that the solution provided by idrive comes as an additional means of communication, both for the manager and for the driver. 

Effective communication is the key to higher productivity.

As in any business, effective communication between the manager and the truck drivers is essential for both safety and productivity reasons. Having a clear picture of driving behavior, the manager can come up with reliable solutions and tips for drivers while also being able to evaluate their performance. 

AI Cam provides access to relevant data that allows the manager to learn about risky situations. He is the one responsible for helping truck drivers understand that a dash cam is designed to improve their safety and provide them with high-quality footage in the event of an accident, not to violate their privacy.

Managers who want to adopt solutions for improving the safety of truck drivers can start with transparent communication, followed by the integration of advanced technologies, such as a dash cam with a mind of its own, as idrive AI Cam is portrayed. Such devices rely on on artificial intelligence and allow better risk management by sending alerts when behaviorus that could lead to an accident are detected. 

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