Idrive Global Center with Artificial Intelligence

Popular Fleet Management software for transportation fleets just got a lot smarter

SANTA BARBARA, California – May 03, 2018

Idrive, Inc – A global leader in Intelligent Camera Systems and Computer Vision for the transportation industry just released Global Center 3, a completely redesigned interface to support current and future service offerings based on Idrive’s advanced deep learning platform.

Global Center 3 is Idrive’s state of the art technology with artificial intelligence (AI) for fleet management. The software analyzes a company’s fleet data and displays it for managers and other personnel in a comprehensive way. This visual data allows managers to quickly see what needs to be changed to make their fleet safer and more profitable. Global Center 3 combines business intelligence with world class fleet reporting that is reliable and easy to understand. Desktop, tablet and mobile platforms are supported.

The technology around Global Center 3 has taken years to develop and nearly 10 years to generate the amount of driving miles and data needed to make the technology accurate and reliable. All video and corresponding data must be visually verified to guarantee the highest quality computer models for training the system.

“Customers are increasingly looking for smarter products and the newest technology for their fleet that will help them lower their costs while giving them accurate data.” said Sean O’Neil, CEO at idrive Inc., “Global Center 3 is the launching point for products and services we have been developing over the last 3 years. It may seem like a small feat, but to be the best in the industry, we employ much of the same technology you would find in autonomous vehicles.”

Idrive will be announcing new technology releases in the coming weeks.

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ABOUT Idrive, Inc.:
Idrive, Inc., is a technology and manufacturing company developing industry leading video event recorders, services, and advanced visions technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve fleet vehicle performance. For more than 10 years, Idrive, Inc. has worked in collaboration with our customers to provide innovative solutions for bus and motor coach, trucking, rail and transit. With its world headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, Idrive, Inc. has employees in 5 countries and operates an R&D center in Europe. Idrive is currently doing business in 9 countries through direct sales and resellers. Idrive, Inc. manufactures its fleet camera systems in the USA. For more information visit

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