Video Monitoring Technology To Keep Drivers and Passengers Safe

Get a complete view of safety and security for school and motorcoach bus fleets.

Bus and Motorcoach GPS Tracking

idrive offers passive and live motorcoach tracking with the AI Cam and Video Telematics. By being able to track the GPS location of each vehicle in transit, you will learn the travel, idle and arrival times for each location. Motorcoach monitoring helps companies know when passengers will arrive at their destination and provides insights into the performance of each driver. 

Idrive Ai Cam

Video Monitoring

The idrive AI Cam and iRIS platform allow motorcoach and bus monitoring with up to 8 HD video cameras inside and outside the vehicle. All cameras are weatherproof and provide wide areas of coverage. Setting up cameras to monitor drivers, passengers, and road hazards outside the motorcoach promotes safety and security.

Key Benefits and Features

Motorcoach and busing telematics data can be received and viewed remotely by fleet managers. Live telematics information such as vehicle speed, GPS coordinates, vehicle and driver ids and videos is sent to the cloud for real-time monitoring, giving fleet managers live telematics and tracking information to make smarter decisions, plan routes and estimate arrival times.
Improving safety remains a top priority for companies with bus and motorcoach fleets. Since accidents among these vehicle types affect a larger group of people compared to trucking and intermodal transportation, it’s imperative to develop driver safety policies and be able to monitor them to keep drivers alert, distraction free and more vigilant. Video event recorders and dash cameras help managers see areas where drivers need to improve. With all data reporting back to the iRIS platform, it is easy for companies to identify their top drivers and determine all areas for driver improvement.
Safe drivers are made. Not born. Installing video monitoring cameras in buses and motorcoaches is one of the best ways to discourage bad driving habits. It allows managers to use driver videos to train and improve driving skills, access reports and telematics data to visualize how drivers are performing and spot drivers who need improvement.
Motorcoaches and transit buses are required to stop at railroad crossings. Setup GeoFence areas around train and railroad intersections to trigger video recordings or look at speed graphs in the iRIS Platform to learn if drivers are making their required complete stop.


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