Reducing Risk with the best Telematics system for your fleet

In recent years, fleet managers have been looking for modern ways to improve driver safety and reduce common risks in the transportation industry. Telematics is already being used successfully in industries such as transport and distribution, public transport, courier services, agriculture and more. Now more than ever fleet owners are turning to telematics and fleet management software to efficiently reduce risks within their fleet.

Operational efficiency can be improved by using telematics systems designed to increase the performance of a business. These systems make it possible to better manage a fleet and when paired with video can give you thorough knowledge of driving behavior. The integration of the best telematics system into your fleet can fundamentally change your fleet management methods by giving you access to vital information (live fleet tracking, in-cab and road-facing footage, etc.).

Telematics Systems – What does it mean?

Fleet management is optimized by using a telematics system—a technology used to monitor vehicles, assets and equpiment. This is done using a GPS or on-board data system (OBD). Among the information collected is the real-time location of the vehicles.

Through these systems, cars and trucks can be efficiently tracked, their movements and activity being accurately reflected on a computerized map. Many commercial and public fleets have already integrated such tools into their management approach, subsequently noticing a decrease in maintenance costs and better monitoring of vehicles.

Video Telematics Systems – What is it?

Video Telematics puts together the best of both worlds by adding video data to a telematics system.

Features of video telematics systems that improve fleet management

Combining Video Data and GPS Tracking gives fleets access to a full overview of the daily activities of their drivers and vehicles.

To improve the productivity of a fleet, idrive has developed a video telematics system that not only provides a large amount of information in an easy to manage format but also allows managers to act in real time remotely to streamline fleet activity. For example, they may choose to receive notifications when fleet drivers (individual drivers or several vehicles) arrive at a certain location. They can also create alerts with just a few taps. 

Risks are minimized by using modern technology in fleet management

Having an up to date telematics system ensures that you are not just collecting data but that you have data that you can actually use and interpret quickly. Video Telematics especially when combined with Artificial Intelligence can sort through the data and give you precise information on who to train and in what areas they need training

Companies have the obligation to protect their drivers, and the use of a good telematics system can significantly help fleet managers efficiently monitor their fleet. Anticipating risks and managing them is no longer as much of a challenge because fleet managers can more easily identify risky driving behaviour and take action quickly. 

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