Advanced Reports, Alerts, Analytics on Driver Behavior

Advanced reports and analytics applies artificial intelligence to uncover deeper meanings in vast amounts of driver behavior and fleet activity information and determine the right action for every insight.

Manage Your Fleet, Organize Your Priorities and Improve Driver Performance
All in One Place

Whether it’s a one-on-one chat with a driver, setting monthly fuel efficiency targets, exonerating drivers in the courtroom or saving a life with an in-cab collision prevention alert our IdriveAI suite of reports, analytics and alerts transform fleet management and driver safety.

Understand Driver Behavior

Identify and prioritize the most pressing driver issues with data driven visualizations and performance scores that give you the full picture of driver behaviors. It’s all about having actionable intelligence at your fingertips.

Uncover Opportunities

Focus on improvements that garner the highest ROI by visualizing the impact that drivers have on your bottom line when it comes to driving behavior, fuel consumption and overall fleet performance.

Optimize Driver Performance

Receive driver behavior analysis for a range of driver actions so you know who and what is slowing things down and costing you money. Reports are packed with rich data to uncover trends and make it easy to understand the outcome of recommended changes.

Know Where to Focus

The performance score of your entire fleet is calculated by processing hundreds of data points at individual driver level. It’s really easy to know which driver behaviors need to be corrected and improved to increase the efficiency, safety and compliance of your entire fleet.

Track What Matters to You

iRIS seamlessly allows you to adjust the importance of various driver behaviors and in-cab activity. Quickly set the priority for each index that you want to identify and correct. Adjustments can be made at the individual driver and fleet wide level. Which drivers are doing this? When? Why? Get the data reflected in driver scores right away.

Everything that Happened is Right Before Your Eyes

It doesn’t take hours or even minutes to get the full picture. Our data engines work hard to get you all the facts in a click.

Intelligent Behavior Tracking

To act fast you need information to be readily available and easy to understand. Quickly evaluate Safety, Compliance and Efficiency scores and see which driver actions and behaviors are eating up the biggest slice of the pie.

Reporting Built for Collaboration

idrive helps you monitor and analyze your fleet across your entire company. Whether you need to host a monthly debriefing or update a colleague about a critical trend you can quickly export reports and use them how you wish.

Never Lose Time Searching for the Facts

Search your entire fleet and driver database in seconds. Identify trends by viewing fleet activity over a period of time and get the information you need when you need it. Search daily, weekly, and monthly.

Track Your Drivers and Fleet

Some things are easier to manage in smaller batches. With idrive you have the freedom to set up your fleet and track it however you want. Segment your fleet by vehicle type, track your drivers by location and more.

View Your Top Performing Drivers in a List

The best way to influence good driving behaviors and offset dangerous driving habits is to reward drivers for their outstanding performance. However you treat your high performing drivers, you will always see the best ones in a list that updates in real-time.

Unlock a New Perspective in Driver Safety with Proven and Tested AI