Passenger Transportation

Passenger Transportation by Taxi, Limo and Paratransit Service Providers: Distracted Driver Identification, Behavior Tracking and Video Telematics

Unlock A New Perspective In Driver Safety With Proven And Tested AI

Enhance Customer Satisfaction Passenger Transportation, Improve Driver Safety and Performance

There’s a lot that can go wrong when moving your customers from point A to point B. From chauffeurs who are responsible to provide a smooth, safe and memorable limousine excursion to taxi drivers working under pressure in the hustle and bustle of cities, the idrive artificial intelligence camera is a proven and tested driver monitoring system designed to enhance customer satisfaction and improve driver safety and performance for Passenger Transportation.

Safety Intelligence That Save Lives

Our proprietary algorithms detect the most critical driver behaviors like distracted and drowsy driving to prevent accidents in real-time. From talking on the phone, eating, texting to falling asleep, our AI Cam is trained on over a billion miles of driving data to accurately and precisely identify the critical driver behaviors and respond with in-cab alerts to notify drivers.

Facial Recognition
Distracted Driver Detection
Drowsy Driver Detection
Safe Distance Warning
Seatbelt Detection

Connected To Taximeters and Doors To Automate Video Recording

Efficiently enforce company protocols by getting the full picture of driver behavior on the job. Our AI Cam event recorder automatically registers when customers exit and enter a vehicle. The footage is sent to the iRIS platform for managers to evaluate a variety of criteria in real-time that can be used for driver coaching and exoneration.

Enforce Driving Behavior That Reduces Fuel Consumption

Driver behaviors including harsh braking, rapid acceleration and super speeding drain money from the tank and ultimately lead to higher traffic violations and accidents. Know at a glance which drivers in your fleet are costing you the most and learn exactly why.

Learn How Gem Limousine Increases Fuel Efficiency and Improves Driver Safety With Idrive