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Artificial Intelligence and Fleet Camera Systems
Fleet camera with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Vehicle Cameras

Idrive X-Series camera systems are part of a vast deep learning network where humans are constantly training the artificial intelligence (A.I.) brain behind the X2 vehicle camera. Analyzing billions of miles and driving data we can predict and prevent accidents, warn drivers, assess risk and capture video events with extreme accuracy.  Thanks to the A.I. system we have created at idrive, our fleet camera systems are constantly improving and getting more intelligent at a rapid rate detecting risk, making transportation safer and saving companies money.

Idrive is an Independent developer of semi-autonomous vehicle intelligence that watches the Driver AND the road.

Machine learning with 2000000 miles analysed daily

Embedded Facial Recognition & Driver Identification

dash camera with facial recognition

Save time with Facial Recognition software built right into the X-Series camera. Upon startup the camera automatically identifies the driver and logs that information with event videos. Regardless of which vehicle a driver is in, their events and driving data will always be associated. This saves fleet managers time when watching events and ensures accurate driver scoring and ratings for training purposes.

Artificial intelligence brain

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Deep learning architectures such as deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks, segmentation neural networks, deep belief networks and recurrent neural networks have been applied with success on our camera system, emphasizing computer vision, behavior analysis and pattern recognition.  When these libraries of thousands of “Advanced algorithms developed in-house” combined with billions of driven miles of data “experience”, Idrive, with its state of the art systems and 10 years of experience in the Transportation industry, is second to none in keeping your fleet safe and profitable.

Fleet Machine Learning

With intelligent fleet cameras, our systems are able to identify and distinguish not only between different types of events but the significance of events and severity of incidents and how that may impact the driver or vehicle.  The system, built on Machine Learning will suggest how the incident should be handled by fleet representative. Our ever-growing cloud of recorded events, continuous video and video telematics allows us to use the real power of deep learning to create intelligent, autonomous triggers personalized for different vehicle types and custom driver behaviors.  The newly trained data is transferred in real-time and distributed to other vehicles in the fleet making the entire Fleet more intelligent.

Fleet machine learning and image recognition
computer vision and violation recognition

Embedded Distracted Driver Identification

Most of our features that use Artificial intelligence allow idrive to identify different forms of Distracted Driving.  Distracted Driving is an umbrella group that encompasses many bad driving behaviors.  The trick is to identify when a driver is distracted and why.  Distraction is “The” most dangerous hazard on the road today causing 1,530,400 accidents in the U.S.A. every year. Other forms of distracted driving such as driving while texting, cell phone usage or drowsy driving. As an example, with drowsy driving, the idrive system will alert drivers when they need to pullover and rest. All the events trigger video event recordings and logs them with the cloud for review.

idrive forward collision warning camera

Embedded Safe Distance Warning / Object Recognition

Idrive Safe Distance Warning System is the first system in the industry that does not require expensive, hard to install and calibrate, add on hardware.  Our HD camera equipped with advanced A.I. can detect distance, vehicle proximity, direction and other objects in the road ahead.  The Idrive system is permanently tracking a driver’s driving patterns and detects when a driver is too close to the vehicle in front or is approaching at an unsafe rate of speed.  Drivers are notified and if the behavior continues, violations are captured on video and the data is transmitted, stored and analyzed to be used in the Drivers Safety Score calculated by our system. Why does this matter? Twenty-three percent of motor vehicle crashes are rear-ended type of accidents, many of which are caused by tailgating according to research compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These rear-ending accidents cause an estimated 950,000 injuries and up to 2,000 fatalities yearly.1 Combine this with the fact that the cost of rear-end accidents are nearly always the fault of the vehicle in the rear, these are habits that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

predictive analytics with Ai

Predictive Analytics and Big Data

A.I. and deep learning at Idrive doesn’t stop at computer vision and facial/object recognition.  Our reporting system utilized statistical modeling, behavior modeling, pattern recognition and other business intelligence to create predictive analytical models.  These models, run against massive data lakes (big data) combined with human monitoring, has created highly accurate data output.   This output was used to train the advanced neural networks (machine learning) and outputs near perfect data.  This data is displayed in the form of highly actionable data sets visualized on our scoring system and new age reporting.

Idrive Artificial Intelligence and the transportation industry

Idrive has developed one of the largest and most comprehensive driving data bases in the world. For 7 years our camera systems have been capable of recording and storing large amounts of HD videos and data that can only be uploaded when a vehicle has returned to Base. Most companies rely only on small packets of data that can be sent over cellular networks. Idrive can do both.  Idrive combines both reviewed and validated data with automatically downloaded date, Providing fleet companies the advantages of Artificial Intelligence with a human instinct.

All this technology is great but how is it applied to the transportation industry?

The transportation industry is like no other.  Whether you are moving people, goods or other, you are heavily invested in Personnel, Logistics, capacity and budgets to name a few.  Idrive has serviced the transportation industry for over 10 years and understands its needs.  Don’t leave your security needs to outsiders.

We invite collaboration, If you are interested in partnering with idrive Artificial Intelligence Data Networks contact us at 805-308-6094.

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