What do you want to achieve with idrive solutions?

With one device supported by a single platform, idrive solutions are proven to identify and measure dangerous driving behaviors to mitigate risk, fleet risk, maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Driver Safety

Data collected from hundreds of millions of videos and miles of driving is routinely analyzed through our deep learning algorithms to auto-detect unsafe driving behavior and prevent accidents in real-time. Bring the risky behaviors to the surface to maximize productivity.

Safety First.
But Innovation Never Takes Back Seat.

2018 marked 10 years since the release of the idrive flagship X-Series camera system. Over the last decade, our technology has evolved to push the standards of the transportation technology industry to the edge and innovation in safety remains our core focus. That’s how we have grown to achieve over 90% accuracy in the detection of the most critical driving behaviors.

Fleet Monitoring and Performance Management

Let idrive monitor your fleet with a dedicated team of video analysis reviewers who spot risky behaviors and uncover fleet trends for greater driver safety and efficiency.

Video Telematics

Get real-time access to your fleet with our Video Telematics service. Track your entire fleet from one platform and remotely request live 5 second video events, giving you a full picture of your entire fleet.

Reporting and Analytics

Understand driver behavior, uncover opportunities, optimize driver performance and know where to focus with our advanced driver and fleet reports and analytics.

Discover How One of The World's Largest Intermodal Companies Uses Our Artificial Intelligence to Improve Safety and Efficiency