Idrive combines 15 years Commercial Vehicle Video Telematics with 10 years of Artificial Intelligence and over 100,000 vehicles of all types. to solve most of your fleet related problems. Whether it is cost reduction through accident reduction, fuel use reduction, theft reduction, tracking, monitoring, defending, or complying, we have you covered. We don’t stop there. IdriveAI can integrate your existing fleet solution into our platform so you can have a single system that is easy to use yet gives you complete access to all your solutions in a single location. Lets see what IdriveAI can do for you.
IdriveAI produces the highest quality products 100% in-house in the USA and Europe.

Fleet Solutions​

IdriveAI stands out as the premier provider of fleet solutions, offering comprehensive tools to optimize fleet operations and enhance safety. Our robust suite of features includes:

Reporting and Analytics

Fleet Monitoring


Industry Specific Solutions​

IdriveAI is the ideal choice for a diverse range of industries due to its cutting-edge technology and versatile applications. Our AI-powered solutions cater to the unique needs of various sectors, including:

Intermodal transportation

Heavy machinery operations

Passenger transportation

Compliance Solutions​

IdriveAI offers advanced compliance solutions for seamless regulatory adherence. Streamline your compliance processes and minimize the risk of regulatory violations with IdriveAI.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance

Hours of Service (HOS) Tracking

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Fuel Tax Reporting

Safety and Performance Analytics