Intermodal Fleet Monitoring With Al Cameras

Intermodal fleet monitoring drives greater accountability for cargo and logistics companies worldwide. idrive enables complete fleet and driver performance reporting to ensure that regulatory safety and driver behavior requirements are monitored and met. 

Intermodal Fleet Monitoring

Cargo containers and intermodal transportation are the backbone of goods and services that are distributed, sold and bought throughout the world. The staggering amount of goods in transit everyday forces companies to work strenuous hours at a fast pace, making safety and driver oversight even more important. Some of the largest intermodal businesses have turned to the idrive fleet monitoring and video telematics solutions to seamlessly address driver safety and maintain high efficiencies day in and day out. 

Our intermodal clients operate some of the largest freight railroad networks in North America

Transporting millions of intermodal cargo containers throughout the United States and world-wide. Dealing with ships, trains, cranes, hostlers and semi-trucks comes with a great amount of risk and companies must place a huge effort into safety. With over 500 deaths each year in the United States from railroad freight transportation, companies have teamed up with the idrive to reduce accidents and insurance costs, increase fleet safety and profitability. 

Safety and efficiency are paramount in proving you are the right company for the job throughout the bidding process. idrive video telematics and driver safety solutions accurately monitor drivers and precisely track fleet locale, to deliver customers an edge over the competition in securing and maintaining contracts with ports and railway companies.

Intermodal Fleet Monitoring For Greater Accountability

idrive provides stronger accountability for cargo and logistics companies by enabling them to visually train drivers with advanced reporting and analytics. After the installation of our artificial intelligence dash camera, fleet managers instantly gain access to real-time event videos through our iRIS platform to track driver improvement and work closely with their drivers. Driver event videos can be searched, viewed and categorized according to the key distracted and risky behavior you want to track. An entire day’s worth of driving is available for review at a glance. 


Discover How One Of The World's Largest Intermodal Companies Uses Our Artificial Intelligence To Improve Safety And Efficiency