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Idrive, Inc. is a privately held company and a developer of artificial intelligence camera technology solutions working with the world’s leading freight, logistics and commercial transportation companies to save lives in real-time with advanced Driver Monitoring Systems.

The modern self-driving revolution has a vision that computers will one day drive better than humans. Today, Idrive is working to create the best drivers using technology that understands human behavior better than humans themselves.

Our founding engineers have been developing products for over 25 years, 12 of which have been spent exclusively developing driver monitoring systems and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the transportation industry.

Our industry expertise with billions of miles of driving data and proprietary AI algorithms has allowed us to create an intelligent machine. This computer intelligence enhances driver awareness, identifies driver behaviors and changes the way people drive. Idrive is the only AI camera technology for driver assistance to exceed 92% accuracy in: Facial Recognition, Driver Distraction, Driver Fatigue, Safe Distance Warning and Seat belt recognition.

Our hardware and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions measure and mitigate dangerous driving behaviors in near-time to uncover powerful driving data. Through our proven driver coaching methods, risk detection, innovative video telematics and our cloud platform, iris, we can provide critical data to the industry.

Over the last decade the extreme accuracy and use of our technology have become prominent for implementing driver coaching and fleet management solutions into a wide range of industries: intermodal, trucking, para-transit, emergency and non-emergency services, motorcoach, taxi, limousine and more.

Since 2009, Idrive has been one of the fastest growing transportation technology companies in the United States. We now operate globally through three strategic offices across North America and Europe, with headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. We have a growing team and ever-expanding list of partners who share our passion in creating safety through technology.

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