Best solution to avoid distracted driving and keep courier drivers on schedule

Globally, the accident rate for commercial fleets is alarmingly high. Fatigue and distracted driving are frequently to blame for traffic accidents.  The amount of material destruction and personal injury that can be done in a few short seconds is immeasurable.

Fleet managers are working to implement strategies to raise driver awareness about the dangers of distracted driving in an effort to lower the accident rate and improve the safety of drivers and vehicles. These include alerts that are sent when there is a risk that negligence or exhaustion will result in an unfortunate event. Distracted driving not only increases the risk of accidents but also delays in order fulfillment, which may affect customer satisfaction and business efficiency. 

How do AI-based solutions help prevent distracted driving?

The most modern and efficient solution for avoiding distracted driving is the use of in-cab technologies that help both drivers and fleet managers improve their productivity. There are plenty of situations where drivers can be distracted, such as texting, eating while driving or communicating with passengers. Although seemingly minor, these activities can endanger the driver and other road users, especially given that a large part of the accidents are the result of distracted drivers. 

In order to avoid and manage these issues, it is necessary to get involved from both sides: the manager must come up with effective solutions and be willing to invest in safety; and the driver must be aware of the risks associated with distracted driving or the dangers of drowsy driving.  

In the transport industry, drivers spend many hours on the roads, which means their fatigue level is justified. They need to know when to stop and take a break, both for their own safety and that of other drivers. Fortunately, artificial intelligence comes with solutions able to reduce the risks posed by distracted driving and to avoid wasting time and slowing down deliveries. 

What technologies can fleet managers use to increase performance and safety?

Avoiding distracted driving means greater safety for drivers, vehicles, and other road users, but also improved fleet performance. These advantages can be materialized by using a modern tracking solution that closely monitors not only the activity of the vehicle but also the behavior of the driver.

Real-time fleet monitoring means that drivers can no longer use the vehicles for personal purposes and that they will not deviate from the predetermined route, which ensures timely orders and a high level of customer satisfaction. Data about the driver’s performance and the situation of the vehicles helps managers to better organize and realize greater productivity for their business. 

The AI Cam developed by idrive provides a vast diversity of high-quality data, useful in evaluating fleet performance and estimating the time it takes to reach certain locations and make orders to customers. The main functions of this intelligent dash cam are to provide both in-cab and road-facing insight for managers in order to get a complete view of driving behavior and especially drowsy driving detection, followed by sending in-cab alerts to warn the driver.

A dash cam that integrates advanced AI elements may prove to be the best solution to avoid distracted or drowsy driving and ensure fleet performance by tracking shipments and activity in real time. The AI Cam has been designed to improve the safety of drivers and fleets but also to ensure greater efficiency in companies that integrate AI into their management strategy. 

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