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People become safer drivers.
Managers run efficient fleets.
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1 in 5 commercial vehicles are in an accident each year. idrive can reduce accidents by as much as 50% through drowsy and distracted detection that keeps eyes on the road.
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 of fleet vehicles are in accidents every year
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Reduction of accidents using idrive

Protect Your Drivers Like Your Business Depends on Them

Learning from mistakes before they cost someone their life is critical for drivers operating heavy machinery or carrying passengers. Small mistakes can have huge consequences. Make sure your drivers are representing your company in a positive way when they are on the road.

Visualize Your ROI​

Instead of spending money without knowing where it’s going, now you can set KPIs and benchmarks to visualize your results for quicker ROI through advanced reports and analytics.

Improve Driver Accountability​

Real-time driver analysis, live Look-In video monitoring and performance scoring work in tandem to help you align risky behavior with the actions to improve it.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our driver safety solutions are proven to reduce the most life threatening driver behaviors like drowsiness and distraction to prevent collisions and boost your bottom line.​

“idrive’s platform is proven to build driver skills and change risky behavior. We believe that driver behavior is key to the success of your business, has the biggest impact on your fleet’s efficiency and is directly correlated to the amount of preventable accidents.”

Sean O’Neil, CEO

Dangerous Driving Behavior Auto-Detection

Data collected from hundreds of millions of videos and miles of driving is routinely analyzed through our deep learning algorithms to auto-detect unsafe driving behavior and prevent accidents in real-time.

Keep Your Fingers on the Pulse of Driver Safety

Tracking more than 100 driving behaviors and maneuvers from acceleration, braking, cornering, lane handling and speeding idrive analyzes and translates risky driving events into a safety score for managers to track driver performance by driver, fleet and even a team.

Learn More About our Safety Index Criteria

The risk of an accident greatly increases when the driver is not paying attentaion to the road. Distracted driving detection monitors the driver for distractions and can trigger events and in-cab alerts.

Drowsiness behind the wheel affects everyone, but no one greater than those who drive for a living. The AI Cam monitors for drowsiness and can alert the driver with a loud beeping noise.

Facial Recognition is the apex of human identification and idrive’s engineers have designed an extremely accurate system that is embedded on the AI Cam, automatic, accurate, reliable and requires zero cooperation from the driver. 

– Identifies the driver and assigns them to all events and data during their shift.

A passenger vehicle traveling at a speed of 65 miles per hour would take 316 feet to stop (about the length of a football field). This distance nearly doubles for vehicles weighing 80,000 pounds. Keeping safe distance increases fuel efficiency and prevents drivers from unexpected collisions. When drivers breach the SDW, an event is recorded for review so you can train drivers to increase their buffer of previous seconds.  SDW is based on advanced artificial intelligence and can detect distance, vehicle proximity, direction and other objects in the road ahead and notify drivers to reduce speed.

Discover How One of the World's Largest Intermodal Companies Uses our Artificial Intelligence to Improve Safety and Efficiency

Monitor What Matters Most


Speeding increases the distance required to stop the car and reduces reaction time to avoid potential collisions. This behavior endangers not only the driver, but also all the people on the road around them. Gain insight into drivers who have a high number of excessive acceleration, speed and super speed events.

High-risk Drivers

High-risk driving is often defined as a mental state in which the driver displays a wanton disregard for the rules of the road. View drivers who have a high number and severity of driver unbelted, following too close, hard cornering and hard braking event types.

Traffic Offenders

Traffic offenders are drivers who are making infractions considered very dangerous and likely to lead to accidents. Covering the AI Cam lenses is included in this category. In this cluster are drivers who have a high number and severity of red light, yellow light, incomplete stops and covering lens event types.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving refers to the act of driving while engaging in other activities which distract the driver's attention away from the road. Distractions are proven to compromise the safety of the driver, passengers, pedestrians, and people in other vehicles. Our driver coaching solution shows which drivers have a high number of operating handheld devices, texting and talking on the cell phone and other distracted behaviors.

Fuel Wasters

A fuel waster is a money waster. Drastically increasing your cruising speed can raise fuel consumption by as much as 20%. Idling has a direct impact on your bottom line, one hour of idle time uses as much as a gallon of fuel. Idling also increases your maintenance costs for general wear and tear. In this cluster are drivers who have a high number and severity of idling and speeding event types. For every driver wasting fuel, we estimate the extra cost that driver is adding.

Good Drivers

A driver who steers, brakes, changes gears, and accelerates smoothly is a good driver. Smooth driving also places far less stress on the mechanics of a vehicle, thus avoiding unnecessary and inconvenient breakdowns. To be a good driver, you need to be able to anticipate what other road users will do.

Unlock a New Perspective in Driver Safety with Proven and Tested AI