Facial Recognition for the X-Series Advanced Dual-Camera System Based on Artificial Intelligence

The use of external input devices to register who is driving a vehicle has been rendered obsolete by Idrive’s newest innovation – Facial Recognition.

SANTA BARBARA, California – May 14, 2018

Idrive, Inc — A global leader in Intelligent Camera Systems and Computer Vision for the transportation industry — has released another industry first in its new embedded Facial Recognition for Driver Identification. The new service will be available for download to existing X2 customers and new purchases. The service will be displayed on the recently renovated Global Center 3, Idrive’s Cloud.

Facial Recognition is the apex of human identification and Idrive’s engineers have managed to design an extremely accurate system and embed the technology on the idrive fleet camera without the need for external devices.

While Facial Recognition is important for security; Safety and Driver Management are the key purpose of the feature. Driver Identification has always been problematic. Driver assignment is normally done by assigning: keys, RFID badges, cards, or codes entered by each driver. Besides the fact that these are often lost or stolen, it does not fix the problem of who is really operating the vehicle as they can be passed between drivers. Idrive’s solution eliminates this problem and creates more efficient fleet monitoring.

“Facial Recognition eliminates what amounts to a real headache for our customers,” stated Curt Andrews, Vice President of Sales at idrive, “The fact that the camera can look at the driver and tell us who it is seems like science fiction but it works incredibly well and all our client has to do is subscribe to the service and it is turned on the next day.”

With an idrive X2 camera installed, the camera “looks” at who is driving and takes appropriate action. Actions include: identifying the driver and assigning them to all events and data during their shift. Our customers can be alerted if an un-authorized driver is present or if a driver change has taken place. Hours of services can be monitored for safety and lists of available drivers can be obtained.

Idrive has a long history of innovating ahead of the competition by several years and has been involved in Artificial Intelligence related machine learning and computer vision for nearly 7 years now and needed the data to achieve the futuristic service it is now releasing. “The advent of autonomous vehicles combined with dash camera popularity has brought our company into the mainstream but for us its business as usual” said Idrive’s CEO, Sean O’Neil.

Idrive will be announcing new fleet and artificial intelligence technology in the coming weeks.

For more information, call 1(805) 308-6094, email sales@Idriveglobal.com or visit www.Idriveglobal.com.

ABOUT Idrive, Inc.:
Idrive, Inc., is a technology and manufacturing company developing industry leading video event recorders, services, and advanced visions technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve fleet vehicle performance. For more than 10 years, Idrive, Inc. has worked in collaboration with our customers to provide innovative solutions for bus and motor coach, trucking, rail and transit. With world headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, Idrive, Inc. has employees in 5 countries and operates an R&D center in Europe. Idrive is currently doing business in 9 countries through direct sales and resellers. Idrive, Inc. manufactures it X camera series in the USA. For more information visit www.idriveGlobal..com.

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