idrive Evolves AI Dash Camera With Safe Distance Warning

Safe Distance Warning for Fleet Vehicles is the first system in the industry that does not require expensive add-on hardware as is built into the camera.

SANTA BARBARA, California – May 31, 2018

idrive, Inc — A global leader in Intelligent Camera Systems and Computer Vision for the transportation industry just released Safe Distance Warning for its industry leading X2 Camera system.

Two years in the making, Safe Distance Warning (SDW) was created in idrive’s Advanced AI division. Embedded in the existing X-Series fleet camera it now complements idrive’s embedded Facial Recognition. This added feature requires no additional equipment, another first in the industry. The dual HD dash camera system records both events and continuously and is built on a Framework that allows for future expansions.

idrive’s X2 Camera System equipped with SDW based on advanced Artificial Intelligence can detect distance, vehicle proximity, direction and other objects in the road ahead and notify drivers to reduce speed. The idrive camera system is continually monitoring driving patterns to detect when a driver is too close to the vehicle in front or driving erratically.

Safe Distance Warning

idrive Safe Distance Warning System is the first system in the industry that does not require expensive add-on hardware which allows existing customers of idrive Video Telematics to simply add the service online. The calibration is a simple tablet or phone based web app, greatly decreasing set up time to 10 minutes. Using Computer Vision, the camera looks forward to “see” and determine how far an object is and whether drivers are following at a safe distance. Using the built-in “brain” to monitor speed, acceleration, obstacles, and other vehicles, allows the idrive video event recorder to predict and warn drivers of upcoming threats with great accuracy.

“Creating a Safe Distance Warning system entirely within the camera was a challenge,” said Florin Pasol, idrive’s CTO. “But our system was designed originally 4 years ago to incorporate features based on Deep Leaning A.I. and we knew it could be done.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that it takes “a loaded tractor-trailer traveling at 55 mph in ideal conditions 196 feet to stop”.

idrive used this information as well as data collected from hundreds of millions of videos and miles driven and analyzed to calculate safe following distances. Safe Distance Warning adds an additional level of safety while training drivers to create more room between themselves and the vehicles in front.

When you are dealing with large vehicles, crashes such as rear endings can be fatal due to speed and the weight of the vehicle. Safe Distance Warning is a big step in reducing fleet vehicle accidents.

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