Why Use Artificial Intelligent Dash Cams For Logistics Monitoring in Transportation?

Logistics monitoring helps keep track of fleets that are always on the go. Moving Freight and shipping material across the world. With so much of their job relying on timing, using reliable tech to help in logistics managing is important. The AI Cam logistics fleet monitoring system can keep your fleet ahead of the competition.

Freight tracking is easy. Control Center lets you know where all vehicles in the fleet are. Loading all semi-trucks and logistics cargo locations onto a computer screen or mobile device. Real-time freight tracking and monitoring sends vehicle locations so dispatch can schedule freight pickup and arrival times.

Logistics Fleet Safety

Installing idrive camera systems can reduce accidents by 50 percent. Drivers are more likely to stay alert and focused when they are on camera, creating a safer environment for themselves. Having a dash camera on the truck can provide security and protection for drivers as it is a deterrent to crime, vandals and would-be assailants who are afraid of being captured by vehicle security cameras.

Logistics camera systems not only protect your fleet but save the company money and time. Mystery damage uncovered with the X-Series video event recorder, activating with sudden vehicle movement or collision. The X-Series also has a sleep mode for parked vehicles that activates upon impact.

Logistics Courier Tracking

Delivery courier services need reliable GPS tracking. Our cameras use a multi-network system to ensure that you never loose connection to your fleet vehicles making sure that couriers arrive on schedule. Package delivery is a growing industry with new courier services opening up all the time. Logistics tracking will help you stay ahead of the competition. Get the most out of your fleet tracking system with idrive real-time logistics tracking and monitoring services.

Logistics Monitoring for Courier Drivers

Keep courier drivers on schedule. Have you ever wondered if your drivers are doing what they are supposed to? Are they using your time efficiently and driving where they should be? With the idrive camera system managers can see where fleet vehicles are and where they have been.

Monitor how long a vehicle has been at a location and if they leave vehicles idling for extended periods of time. Drivers might be running side jobs or unpacking products for clients under the table. This can be averted with real-time Look-In. A way to see video inside the vehicle when it is on delivery.

Vehicle Theft and Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized vehicle use puts owners in a dangerous position. Companies can still be liable for damages caused by employees and vehicles even if they are not aware of what their couriers are doing. With idrive technology monitoring courier drivers is much more efficient and fleet managers won’t feel like they have to guess about a courier’s activities.

Locating lost or stolen vehicles is as easy as logging onto Control Center. You can also trigger a live video from your computer or mobile device.

Logistics Camera Systems

idrive has a variety of customers and can accommodate the many different needs of companies and fleets. With custom cables, video splitters and recording devices idrive logistics camera systems will work for your fleet. Logistics companies, semi-trucks, courier services and shipping services will benefit from the idrive X-Series video event recorder with 2 HD cameras. For companies that need more cameras we offer the D-Series DVR camera system with up to 8 cameras.

Give idrive a call to see what camera system works for you.



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