Remote Fleet Monitoring

Monitor your Fleet Remotely with idrive

Live GPS Tracking

Live Video Look-In

Real-Time Alerts (in-cab & to managers)

Check Up on Drivers

Use iris to remotely monitor your drivers. Idrive’s cloud software puts the power of AI fleet monitoring in your hands. Login through your computer or cell phone (Android and IOS) remotely. Our encrypted cloud software also has the ability to set different permission levels for fleet managers and employees.

Artificial intelligence features such as distracted driving and safe distance warning automatically capture video events and uploads them to fleet managers. While live look-in and periodic events allow managers to monitor drivers in real-time.

AI features make it easy to monitor only what is important.

Facial and driver recognition for monitoring

Let idrive Do the Monitoring

Idrive can monitor, review, and score video events. Fleet managers can see driver scores, important events, and can generate driving reports. This is a big time saver for managers and keeps companies from having to hire extra employees while allowing them to focus on driver and fleet overviews instead of watching driving videos.

The reports section organizes reviewed events by drivers and event types. Fleet managers are able to see all the texting events with the click of a button.

Idrive fleet monitoring service

GPS Tracking

Remote vehicle locations with real-time GPS tracking

Live Video

Remote video monitoring with Idrive's Live Look-In.

Maximum Uptime

Multi-network 4G LTE ensures remote access to your fleet.

GeoFence and Alerts

Alerts are used in-cab and sent to fleet managers

Follow Your Fleet

Use GPS tracking to locate and monitor all fleet vehicles and drivers remotely. Fleet vehicle locations are displayed over a map. Driving history and locations can be displayed with a simple search.

Monitor Your Entire Fleet From Home

Video – GPS – Alerts – Coaching Reports


Unlock A New Level of Safety With Remote Monitoring