Keep Your Fleet Ahead of The Competition

This is a birds eye view of your fleet with full oversight of individual driver behavior and event videos in real-time. 

Track Your Fleet On The Go

Moving freight and shipping material across the world generates jobs that rely on time, reliability and safety. The idrive video telematics and GPS solution in combination with our advanced driver reports and analytics help you keep your fleet ahead of the competition. 

  • Always know the location for each vehicle in your fleet
  • Real-time freight tracking and monitoring sends vehicle alerts for dispatchers to easily schedule pickups, arrivals and drop offs 

Logistics Fleet Safety

Installing idrive AI camera systems can reduce accidents by 50 percent. Drivers are more likely to stay alert and focused when they are on camera which creates a safer environment. Having a dash camera on the truck can provide security and protection for drivers as it is a deterrent to crime, vandals and would-be assailants who are afraid of being captured by vehicle security cameras.

  • AI Cam sleep mode records video events upon impact even when the vehicle is parked
  • Reduce distracted and drowsy behavior by tracking and monitoring dozens of criticals driver behavior actions 
  • Notify drivers with in-cab alerts to prevent collisions in real-time  

Logistics Courier Tracking

Reliable GPS tracking is a core requirement in courier services. idrive AI camera utilizes a multi-network system to ensure your drivers receive the strongest signal no matter where they are so you never lose track of your fleet, and always deliver on schedule.   

Logistics Monitoring for Courier Drivers

Keep courier drivers on schedule. Have you ever wondered if your drivers are doing what they are supposed to? Are they using your time efficiently and driving where they should be? With the idrive video telematics managers have real-time oversight for where fleet vehicles have been, where they are and where they’re going. 

  • Monitor how long a vehicle has been at a location and if they leave vehicles idling for extended periods of time 
  • Live Look-In capability provides real-time video event footage to hold drivers accountable during pickups and drop offs