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X-Series Camera, Embedded Facial Recognition, Realtime Distracted & Drowsy Driving alerts and management, Fatigue Alert Buzzer

International Supply Chain Solutions

Our client is a world leader in international supply chain solutions that operates a global network of ports and terminal, with a portfolio of over 70 operating marine and inland terminals supported by over 50 related businesses in 40 countries across six continents. To provide a safe work environment for their employees in an industry that operates 24/7, 365 days in challenging conditions, is no small feat. The consequences of human error behind the wheel can lead to serious life and health endangerment but also to significant financial loss.

That’s why the customer searched for the provider that could help detect and reduce distracted and drowsy driving efficiently, accurately, and with minimal effort on the part of management.
Employing state of the art AI, with incredible results in accurate detection and prevention, idrive became the obvious choice for running a 60-day trial, at one of their largest operations, having a capacity of 19.5 million TEU.

The 60-day trial was split into two phases:

Phase one: monitor 20 vehicles for 30 days to collect data and get a baseline on existing driving habits

Phase two: monitor the same 20 vehicles for 30 days. Activate a custom-built buzzer to provide instant driver feedback on distracted and drowsy driving

The results for 30 days of instant in-cab driver feedback:

Reduction in Drowsy Driving
Reduction in Distracted Driving
Reduction in Overall Events
Reduction in High Speed Events
Reduction in kilometers driven while visibly fatigued

After the trial, the customer was able to measure the value of the system which convinced them to continue with a long-term cooperation, in an effort to make their business more efficient and their workers safer. The customer is currently in the process of outfitting their entire fleet with the idrive solution.

Unlock a New Perspective in Driver Safety with Proven and Tested AI